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Preventive Maintenance & Service Agreements

Reduce or eliminate emergency repair costs. Where budgets are tight, regular building HVAC control system maintenance from Maine Controls helps to keep HVAC systems in peak operating condition. This scheduled maintenance prevents breakdowns and helps you avoid the cost and inconvenience of unexpected repairs.

Create a healthier environment. Regular preventive maintenance for building controls can reduce the risk of air quality issues, creating a healthier environment. For example, regular building controls maintenance from Maine Controls helps to prevent mold problems by accurately monitoring and controlling humidity and temperature.

Reduce energy costs. A Maine Controls maintained Building Automation and Controls System (BACS) runs more efficiently and building systems run for less time. That reduces energy use and saves you money.

Extend equipment life. Your control system works hard for you. Maine Controls keeps the systems regularly monitored and tuned up. This keeps equipment lasting years longer. That means less money spent on replacing equipment that has been poorly maintained.

Encourage task completion. A building that is the right temperature and humidity is not only healthier, it provides a proper environment for whatever functions are undertaken within that facility; whether it is learning, patient care or industrial production to name a few. Building occupants that are physically comfortable can focus on tasks that they are undertaking within the building’s environment

Of course, you can always call a service provider to schedule preventive maintenance for building controls maintenance on an as-needed basis. But before you make that your “best practice” for building temperature control care, consider the benefits of a building controls preventive maintenance contract:

Maine Controls skilled and trained technicians who know you and your facility — Dedicated control system technicians know your equipment and your staff, allowing Maine Controls to more efficiently service your facility.  Identifying issues before there is a problem also becomes more likely.

Maine Controls provides priority service for repairs — Emergency repairs become less likely with regular preventative maintenance, but they can still occur.  With a Maine Controls preventative maintenance agreement, you will receive priority service to ensure that your equipment is back up and running as soon as possible.

Flexible billing options — Maine Controls preventative maintenance contracts offer payment flexibility, such as allowing you to make payments monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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