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Heating, Ventilating, And Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Controls

The building controls provided and serviced by Maine Controls determine how HVAC systems operate to meet the design goals of comfort, safety, and cost-effective operation.

Maine Controls has industry leading expertise in the critical control and monitoring of heating systems, those systems which heat the air within a space. Our controls maintain industry standard levels of heating the building occupants through precise control of floor/ceiling/wall radiation or radiant panels devices. This ensures occupant comfort and safety.

Maine Controls also monitors and controls the actual building ventilation supply and exhaust air. This accurate and precision control of ventilation air maintains an adequate mixture of the volumes of fresh air that we breath. Maine Controls designed and installed ventilation control systems ensure that industry adopted standards are maintained (e.g. not too much CO2), while controlling odors, and removing contaminants from occupied spaces. "Clean" air helps keep occupants be healthy and productive. Ventilation air is typically produced through mechanical air distribution systems powered by fans. All of these critical ventilation systems are designed, installed and maintained by Maine Controls.

Maine Controls is an industry leader in designing wide ranging types of air-conditioning systems. These air conditioning systems control the air temperature while also controlling the amount of humidity in a space. Maine Controls has vast experience with water loop heat pump systems and air-cooled or water-cooled equipment. Maine Controls also has experience with another application of air conditioning; that is by removing the moisture through absorption (desiccant dehumidification). In certain applications (hospital operating rooms), humidification may be required for specialized healthcare procedures. Evaporative humidification also cools the air. Whatever the air conditioning system, application or manufacturer, Maine Controls is the one stop shop you can count on to integrate air conditioning and refrigeration controls.

Maine Controls designs, engineers and installs a wide range of building controls to ensure occupant comfort, provide safe operation of the equipment, and enable energy saving strategies. Maine Controls designed HVAC control systems are sized to meet heating and cooling loads 100% of the time. Maine Controls understands that the function of the HVAC controls is to ensure that the HVAC systems perform properly, reliably, and efficiently during a wide variety of indoor and outdoor conditions.

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