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Building Automation Control Systems & Retrofits

Maine Controls is an industry leader in providing comprehensive Building Automation and Control System (BACS) retrofits. A properly designed and engineered BACS retrofit in any building, commercial or industrial, hospital or educational, enables the dynamic monitoring and management of energy consumption, including heating, cooling, lighting and plug loads. Equally important, critical building occupant comfort and safety are derived through precise BACS system design, installation and on-going maintenance.

Maine Controls is often requested by the building owners to help reduce energy costs or improve occupant comfort. These are factors which typically drive the building owners’ interest in upgrading the BACS. Maine Controls designs, engineers and installs the systems to help manage equipment maintenance and replacement costs for additional cost savings. For example, rather than following a standard HVAC equipment maintenance schedule, which can lead to costly maintenance, Maine Controls can configure the building owners BACS to provide alarms when various components (such as a boiler or variable-speed air handler, etc.) begin operating out of spec. This allows for maintaining equipment just in time and helps to prevent catastrophic and untimely failure.

A well-equipped BACS can also simplify the building commissioning process in new buildings or during a retrofit process. In order to streamline commissioning, some BACS include programs to verify HVAC and other building systems are performing according to design. The wall sensors of advanced BACS enable Maine Controls technicians to access the system throughout the building to conduct tests and verify environmental conditions without carrying separate diagnostic tools, which results in faster and more accurate performance verification.

If your institution is considering an upgrade, replacement, retrofit or installing a new BACS system in your building, reach out the experts at Maine Controls to help configure a system that fits your needs and budget!

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