Maine Controls: Your Energy Management System Solutions ProviderControl for Your Business

Energy Management Controls Systems are becoming a must for well-run, energy efficient buildings. In addition to the set point and night-setback features which can be handled by a programmable thermostat, an Energy Controls System can provide savings in many other ways including functions such as lighting and water temperatures.

Here are just some of the money-saving automatic control functions that are available from Maine Controls:

  • Adjust supply-air temperatures based on indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity to let the heating and cooling systems operate most efficiently.
  • Adjust chilled-water and hot-water temperatures based on indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity to let the cooling and heating systems operate most efficiently.
  • Implement holiday period automatic setpoint adjustments.
  • Monitor space temperatures to hold to within a degree of optimized temperatures on a zone-by-zone basis thus reducing energy consumption.

Controls which monitor your heating, air conditioning and lighting systems can save money in a variety of ways.

Lighting Controls

Occupancy sensors detect people in a room and assure that lights are not used when spaces are unoccupied. Photocells can turn exterior lights on automatically when it gets dark. Automatic dimming systems can adjust lamp output based on measured sunlight. Lighting is one of the most important areas in which controls can save energy.

Automatic Space Conditioning

Whether the energy is heat, air conditioning or lighting, our systems controls can make a difference in your office, factory or hotel. Imagine an unoccupied hotel room sitting at an economical 60° until a key card goes in the door. Then the heat moves up to 70° and the lights are all operable. When the happy traveler leaves, the room automatically returns to hyperefficient mode. No one is inconvenienced. Money is saved and no energy needlessly wasted. Win-win-win situation. Call for ideas to use at your location.